Ingrown toenail surgery is an effective treatment for painful ingrowing toenails.

Perfect for those who:

  • want a fast solution - no ongoing care is required in most circumstances

What you need to know:

  • this procedure takes around an hour and is performed at our clinic, so no need to be hospitalised

  • our method ensures minimal tissue damage meaning less discomfort post-surgery

  • comprehensive post-surgery care including multiple follow-up appointments to assess your condition and track your recovery

Book a Podiatry appointment now to see how we can help relieve ingrowing toenails, manage any other foot and ankle pain, discuss your orthotics needs, or simply provide you with a relaxing medi-pedi to help improve your health and wellbeing. No referrals needed.

Our Podiatry clinic is just a minute down the road from Chadstone Shopping Centre at 40 Poath Rd, Hughesdale.  Parking out front.